How technology is changing the world for the better


For many of us, technology is such an integral part of our daily lives that we forget what it is capable of. But throughout history, technology, in all its forms, has made everyday tasks easier, connected the world in ways that were previously unimaginable, and revolutionized the way we function. In this blog article we will tell you how technology makes our daily lives easier and more interconnected, as well as what we can expect from technology in the future.

Technology in our daily lives

It is so ingrained in everything we do that we may not realize it, but technology plays a fundamental role in our daily lives . Take a look at some of the ways we use technology every day:

Schedule reminders

Track budgets, invoices and investments

To buy online

Have virtual dates

Easily access information

Is it starting to ring a bell? For sure yes. Technology has advanced to the point that it is simplifying the most mundane tasks and leaving us more time to dedicate to the things we want to do.

Technology makes our lives easier

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without technology? And without access to all the information you need at any time? Probably not. Here are some technologies that have made our lives easier:

Digital communication : This is probably the most common aspect that comes to mind when we think about the influence of technology on our society. Thanks to our constant state of interconnection, we can communicate with anyone in the world in a matter of seconds. Do you study abroad? You don’t have to worry, you can call and send messages to your family and friends as if you were at home.

Access to information : what would you do if you couldn’t take your cell phone out of your pocket and search Google for that question that has arisen in your mind? Or challenge yourself with daily trivia questions? The truth is that the influence of technology on access to information is not only limited to this. Simple access to information has also given us the ability to expand our training through online courses, chat rooms, virtual training, instructional videos and much, much more.

Money Management – ​​We may not consider technologies like debit and credit cards to have changed our lives. However, they have undoubtedly greatly reduced our dependence on cash. We now have banking applications, we schedule payments automatically, we have access to budgeting tools, investment advice and many other elements that help us improve our money management and our knowledge of the financial market.

Access to healthcare : Medical technologies have exploded in recent years, driven by both the pandemic and new research. Don’t have time to go to the doctor? You don’t have to worry: now you can receive remote consultations and you can receive medical reports, prescriptions, medical records and much more on your computer or phone. The digitization of medicine also means that our records can be easily accessed, making communication between different providers easier.

Motivation to exercise : Don’t have time to go to the gym? Is the monthly gym fee too expensive for the time you have? The vast majority of gyms and studios now offer 100% online classes. This allows you to use your own space to participate in cardio, bodyweight or HIIT classes on your own. Additionally, during the pandemic, there has been an increase in the use of exercise bikes at home.

There are many, many more reasons why technology has played such an important role in making our lives easier, but these five show how normal we view these technologies. And the reality is that many of them are relatively new technologies.

Benefits of technology

Although it is easy to see the benefits of technology in our daily lives, the truth is that technology has had a profound impact on the world at large. And it will continue to have it .

Technology for security

Everything has its negative part and its positive part. And the security sector knows this well. From a business point of view, technological advances in security can protect sensitive information. From a personal perspective, technological advances in security, such as security cameras and facial recognition technology, can keep ourselves and our personal information safe.

As the world becomes more connected, the risk of cyber threats increases. Cybersecurity can help fight cyberattacks, identity theft, data breaches, and much more .

Technology to understand information

We have a lot of data and information at our fingertips, but if we can’t use it, then it is of no use to us. Technologies like Python, SQL, and Tableau will help you take the data you’ve collected and use it to make smart decisions . Behind every decision there is data and, therefore, knowing how to interpret the information is essential.

Technology to understand users

Even the most innovative and creative technology is not useful to us if it is not specifically designed to meet the needs of a user. Have you ever closed a website because its design made you frustrated or was too difficult to understand? Understanding the user and what drives their decision is what helps us take technology to the next level.

Technology for progress

The rapid expansion and evolution of the technology market forces us to always be aware of the latest technologies. Knowing how to create a quality website or app for a new product or service will not only help you stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of technology, but also fill in the gaps that exist right now.

The future of technology

Technology has advanced a lot in recent years and that pace doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. What should you take into account? Well, here are some ideas:

Greater innovation: You can expect even higher internet speeds, more users, a rise in AI technologies, and much more.

Greater learning opportunities : with the large amount of information that exists, our possibilities of learning and sharing our knowledge will increase.

Increased importance of IT: As IT departments begin to take responsibility for making decisions based on the wide range of data they produce, they will be able to play an even more important role.

What do you think is going to happen with technology in the future? Will it continue to help the world move forward and stay connected? We believe so. And that is why this is the best time to start a career in the world of technology . If you’re interested in seeing what the world of tech has in store for you, apply to one of Ironhack’s bootcamps here .


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