How technology drives development and vice versa


The relationship between development and technology goes back a long way. Along these lines, this link is something that the industrial organization has been dealing with for many years.

To begin with, technology has been an intrinsic part of human development since the time of prehistoric humans. Increasingly, culture is being shaped not only by what humans produce, but also by how they do it. The technique is being used to address many of the most pressing contemporary social problems , such as economic inequality, climate change, and social justice. And, at the same time, social development is allowing better professionals to be trained who can improve and advance this technology.

Development and technology have a symbiotic relationship, feeding each other respectively.
One of the ways technology has helped shape our society is through its influence on poverty . Rates in this regard are at a historic low worldwide, due to the increase in income of those living in poverty thanks to new technologies. It has also helped provide access to clean water and sanitation, dramatically improving the health of many millions of people. Some argue that this relationship between development and technology can even be seen as part of the solution to climate change, since it has reduced greenhouse emissions by improving energy efficiency. Finally, because the technique makes information more available and reduces the cost of living, the world’s poorest people are among those who benefit most from it.

As we say, development and technology have gone hand in hand for a long time . For example, the invention of electricity has transformed the daily lives of people around the world. The same goes for other inventions, such as the Internet, which has had a significant impact on the way we communicate with each other online.

The penetration of technology in today’s society
On the other hand, it seems a very clear fact that, sooner or later, development and technology will be a single organism that will feed each other : the more technology, the greater development. But the greater the development of society, the technology will be able to advance much further. We must be aware that the influence of each other will continue to grow in the coming years.

We increasingly have more and more relevant technological advances that promote the development of the society in which we live . And, naturally, this progress is not only expressed in economic terms. And it allows more people to continue researching and creating better technology; like a vicious circle. For this reason, its penetration into life is increasing : apps on mobile phones to connect with other people, home automation, tools to work… Everything contributes to us becoming more and more connected, and making the world much more connected. smaller.

Matter of time
It is only a matter of time before technology is fully integrated into our lives, and people are one with it . It won’t happen overnight, but will happen gradually, as people use it more and more . This is already happening in different ways, such as the way people use their mobile phones to do everything from ordering food to meeting friends.

A prediction from a few years ago stated that by 2020, the world would be so connected and driven by technology that it would no longer be necessary to use cash or credit cards. Thus, the world is changing faster than our ancestors could have ever imagined. In fact, it is very likely that this prediction will come true in the coming years, although some of them already are.

Impact of development on technology
We already know that development and technology make up a fundamental binomial. By encouraging greater advancement in all areas of society, more and more people can be found working better, producing better, communicating better and living better. As a result, they are in a better position to make technology advance faster.

Let’s now think about those countries in which solutions are necessary for problems such as poverty, or lack of access to education, among others. At the moment when these problems are resolved, thanks to technological advances, there are people with a greater education and number of skills, whatever the sector we are talking about. It cannot be forgotten that technology is applicable to any productive sector.

Likewise, the same development generated means that, with greater use of technology, it is much more accessible and efficient.

Different types of technology that help shape our lives
Technology is becoming more complex. Advances in virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to shape the development of society.

In this sense, virtual reality is used for education, training, medical treatment, design, games, etc. The future of this looks bright with the recent development of glasses-free 3D technology, which can trick your eyes into ‘thinking’ they are experiencing something in real life.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in areas such as data mining, but it is also used to make decisions for us, based on our preferences or other parameters . For example, AI could help doctors diagnose a patient’s illness by comparing their symptoms to all known illnesses and analyzing which is more likely based on their probability rate.

In conclusion
Some of the effects of technology on countries and their development involve helping people in their daily lives. Also, as has been pointed out throughout the article, the opposite happens: development affects technology .

Technology can provide access to information and other services. And it can even function as a tool for social change, by making information more accessible at a faster rate. However, these benefits also have their own disadvantages. Technological advances can distance human interactions and generate greater feelings of isolation.


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