10 tips for the good use of new technologies


The different studies and published statistics affirm that children and adolescents are increasingly using the Internet and its use is higher than what is recommended. Likewise, the use of these devices increasingly begins at an earlier age.

We cannot forget that new technologies offer us very positive services and experiences although, if they are not used appropriately, they can run different risks.

For these reasons we give you some guidelines for its proper use:

Know the social networks/applications… that your child uses.
Inform you about the benefits and risks of its use.
Teach him to recognize signs that indicate that something is not going well in the use of TRIC (Relationship, Information and Communication Technologies).
Offer them a space of trust, communication and security so that they can tell you what is happening to them.
Set limits on its use and specify a schedule that does not interfere with other activities. We advise that they always be adapted to their level of maturity, although the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics provide guidance on maximum times depending on age:
From 0 to 2 years: they should not have contact.
From 3 to 5 years: do not exceed 1 hour a day.
From 6 to 18 years: do not exceed 2 hours a day.
Agree on the rules and consequences for navigation, always adapted to their level of maturity. If they understand and accept the rules, it is easier for them to comply.
Reflect on the responsibility of what they share and the image they project.
Prioritize playing with peers, whenever possible.
Do not use screens after dinner as they could interfere with sleep.
Provide them with other leisure options free of new technologies.
And most importantly, as a mother or father, how much time do you dedicate to TRIC? Let’s not forget that as references you are their best role model. Therefore, it is essential that you use the Internet responsibly .



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