Elettra: the first hybrid boat for passenger transport is made in Calabria


The future of navigation has arrived and learns from cars. No noise from gears and motors, just a hiss, like the one that is now more and more commonly heard on our roads when an electric car arrives. No bad smells from exhaust gases and therefore no pollutants released into the sea: petrol or oils. Hybrid boats are becoming a reality.

“Zero impact” is the new diktat in mobility, even in the water.

And Elettra, the first hybrid passenger boat to sail the Mediterranean, is an exceptional example. Precisely for its primacy and for the future it represents.

We are in Calabria where the “hybrid turning point” to passenger transport is given by the two young creators Luca  and  Francesca , founders of the company Galatea Srl.

Elettra was built entirely in Calabria , where a partnership was activated with the Department of Agriculture, Welfare and Social Policies and with the Local Development Agency Flag La Perla del Tirreno. It has thus anticipated the times in terms of ecological transition and ensures silent and clean navigation. The independent 30 Kw diesel and electric motor powered by the 30 solar panels located on the upper deck, has an autonomy of 10 hours on a day with favorable weather. The 12-meter boat can carry up to 48 passengers and is obviously also enabled to transport people with disabilities.

Strongly desired, studied, desired; born as a dream, we made  it a gift to a territory that with its potential  has allowed us to build our future. To leave the world better than we found it, after all, good intentions must be followed by concrete actions. And the birth of Elettra is one of them. Elettra is the present, but she is in constant evolution ».