Chain reaction: the web is unleashed. It is controversy


Yes, Rai 1, in the pre-evening slot, a new episode of Chain reaction was broadcast , the game which, using the logical association of words, puts competitors and viewers to the test with their command of the Italian language.

The format is based, in fact, on lexical connections and word links. Two teams of three players each compete against each other. These can be relatives, colleagues or friends.

The two teams compete to guess, form, complete words and compose word chains in the shortest time possible. The game is thus based on the intuition and speed of the competitors.

Today’s episode

Today’s episode, 18 September 2020, saw the Tre alla Secondo from Florence take the field, incredibly, for the eighteenth time. The Bartoloni brothers , with Tommaso, Marco and Francesco tonight faced a team from Genoa, that of the Colpi di Testa , made up of Andrea, Davide and Luca.

The Bartoloni brothers immediately closed the lead with 77 thousand euros accumulated while the challengers have scrapped 64 thousand. Precisely for this reason, the Headers were the first to face the last heat, that of the winning Intesa .

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The Three to the Second confirmed themselves as champions as they totaled twenty-four points, their personal best while the Genoese team hit only five words in an actual minute.

The chain reaction

The champions thus managed to reach the last chain with a prize pool of 131 thousand euros . The Three at the Second, however, had to halve their nest egg 11 times, remaining with 64 euros. The word to find was Scampo while they tried with Slipped. The winning word was really too difficult and sparked the anger of the web.

The controversy on the web

On the web, at the end of the episode, a real uproar broke out. According to many, the word to find was too difficult and had no connection with the clues given. The most persistent comments on Twitter .

There is Bellombs who says: “The champions were humiliated with a chain with unacceptable links” then continues “the chain tonight was absurd. Artfully built to make champions lose ” . While Diomede says: “A shame without equal .. words to be chained really absurd (and I do not widen …) really disgusting” .